Yes. Even if you are not using the apartment as a rental property, you can still benefit from our services. When you are not living in the residence full-time, maintenance and repair issues can arise and expense payments are still required. When you are not using the property, we routinely check the apartment to ensure no issues, such as leaks or electrical issues, have arisen to ensure there are no surprises awaiting your arrival and to mitigate any additional damage that may occur from an incident.

Our services are designed to aid foreign and local investors that own residential or commercial real estate properties, but do not have the time to oversee the daily operation of their investment. If you are far away from the property, we will be your rep. In the building meetings, meeting the tenants, and meeting professional maintenance workers if needed. In addition, Israelis who are leaving the country for a few years for relocation, can benefit a lot from our services.

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the numerous benefits of owning real estate, but is not in the position to oversee the day-to-day affairs can benefit from our services.


Yes. We are currently supporting Jerusalem, Netanya and Herzliya. We are about to open our new service spot in Haifa. In the future we will develop more sites.

First of all it depends on each individual. Some owners are making automatic payments to the main authorities: electricity company, Water bills, city tax, etc. Some owners are asking City Service to take care of these payments. In addition, general maintenance works over the year will be taken care by City Service on behalf of the owner: repairs in the property, painting, fixing furnitures and so.

Our rentals team is experienced in locating high quality tenants. We know how to check the quality of the tenants. We have strict requirements from the tenants which have been carefully formulated by the law firm that accompanies us – Dan Offer & Co., Law Firm.

Yes. I could provide some contacts of our clients who will be glad to give you their feedback.

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