Additional services

In addition to our full property management, we are offering more type of services:


Architectural & Interior Design

We work with an experienced and talented interior designer who also owns a carpentry factory. We can plan extensive renovations starting from the apartment infrastructure including providing sketches and simulations before execution. We also furnish apartments according to the clients requirements and work within an agreed budget.



We have a number of renovation contractors that we have been working with for several years. These are very professional people and thanks to our great joint work we are given a special treatment and of course attractive prices that every City Service client will be able to enjoy.

Banks and insurance


We work with a special department at Mizrahi Tefahot Bank to handle foreign customers or those who do not speak Hebrew. We have a big number of clients who manage the accounts in this bank and we have a good and personal relationship with the bank.

We work with 2 insurance agencies that can provide you with attractive insurance policies for life, health and of course property insurance for you. As our clients you can get preferential treatment and attractive prices.


Commercial and offices management

In recent years many private investors have started investing in the purchase of offices or commercial space. The field requires a different management than residential property management and we have an expert team in the field that manages this. Contact us for more details on commercial property management.

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